Omnigrid Quilting Travel Kit

The Omnigrid travel quilting set is the all-in-one solution for on the go sewing and quilting! Ruler markings suitable for both left and right-handed users. Very portable to take to quilting workshops and classes. The set includes;  

- A conveniently sized 8" x 11" self-healing cutting mat, small enough size to rotate easily and fits A4 sized totes and bags for storage.

- 6" x 6" quilting ruler, with angle measurements - useful size for squaring up blocks for small quilts

- 4" x 4" grid ruler, features 1/8" markings for greater accuracy - very useful for miniature work. 

- 1" x 6" ruler - a must have size ruler. Check seam allowances, use alongside traditional paper templates and cut your own templates as well as trimming dog ears and loose threads.