Martelli Roundabout 16" Cutting Mat & Turntable Base

RoundAbout Cutting Mat and Turntable Base

Martelli roundabout cutting mat comes with a turntable base. This high quality and versatile tool will quickly become an essential part to your sewing. The Martelli cutting mat makes cutting fabric accurate, easier and faster. Save time, fatigue and frustration when trimming blocks and units - no need to realign fabric and ruler with each cut, simply turn the mat instead. 16" diameter grid lines for patchwork and squaring up blocks. The rotating mat features a heavy duty base with a no slip backing, giving you years of service. The cutting mat is removable and can be replaced if it wears out. No need to invest in a new turntable base.

- Removable cutting mat from the turntable base, if the cutting board wears out, just replace the part without investing in a new turntable.

- 16" diameter grid lines. Useful and well thought-out inch grid lines for patchwork and squaring up blocks. 

A note from Jessie; "I am fortunate to have owned one of these mats for a couple of years now and truly love this product and think its worth the money in the long run. Yes it's not the cheapest, and there are budget versions on the market but I know from experience they aren't built to last the distance. This is a great size, glides smoothly and sits perfectly next to my sewing machine for quick cutting and trimming". 

Package includes; Round 16-3/4" Turntable Base and Round 16-3/4" Cutting Mat. 



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