Aurifil 80wt Cotton Thread Lone Star Quilt

An exclusive curated selection of Aurifil 80WT threads for the Sew and Quilt Lone Star Block of the Month Club.

Aurifil 80wt threads are ideal for hand-piecing and hand-appliqué the incredibly fine thread will disappear into your work for an almost, invisible finish. Aurifil threads are made from the finest Egyptian long staple cotton and mercerised (a special treatment to impart strength and lustre) for a lovely sheen.

Our selection of (4) 274m spools are a lovely companion of colour-matched threads for the fabrics we are using in the club.

Colours include; 2890, 24102375, 2260.

(If you were looking for more threads to match the quilt, you could also add; 1140, 2105 and 2710).


Pack includes: 4 x 274m Egyptian long staple cotton thread.

Only 2 left!