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Tulip Sashiko Sewing Kit, Hungary - Tulips & Poppies

  • Tulip-Hiroshima-Sewing-Kit-Tulips-Poppies
  • Tulip-Hiroshima-Sewing-Kit-Tulips-Poppies
Tulip Sashiko Sewing Kit, Hungary - Tulips & Poppies

Sashiko World sewing kit by Tulip. The kit includes everything you need to complete your decorative kitchen cloth or wall hanging, including a handy pre-printed cloth to follow for a very neat finish! The printing on the cloth can be removed with water after finishing the design. 

Sashiko is a traditional embroidery style from Japan. Originally used for repair and reinforements in clothing, now it is often used for decorative purposes. All Sashiko patterns are created with a basic running stitch, with the aim of keeping stitches as regular as possible so it is similar to hand quilting, however Sashiko designs are created on a single layer of fabric. 

Tulips are common motifs in Hungarian folk art, the fruits of poppies symbolise fertility and production and in old folk events it was also used as a tool to drive out witches. The centre expanding design is often seen in tablecloths.


Contents: Tulip Sashiko needle, Sashiko thread, pre-printed natural cotton cloth and instruction sheet. 

Finished size: 13.4" x 13.4" / 34cm x 34cm

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