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La Tarantella English Paper Pieces Complete Kit

La Tarantella English Paper Pieces Complete Kit

La Tarantella English Paper Piece kit is here! The pattern can be found in Willyne Hammerstein's 3rd book Millefiori Quilts 3. La Tarentella meaning comes from the rhythmic song and dance of the Tarantella, an Italian folk dance popular in Southern Italy. 

Our Sew and Quilt EPP kit includes all 7 shapes to set you off on your journey! Save £25 as opposed to purchasing the shapes separately! 


Each complete kit includes the following;

527x 1-1/4" 5-Point Diamond (Shape A)

102x 1-1/4" 10-Point Diamond (Shape B)

439x 1-1/4" Pentagon (Shape C)

261x 3/4" Pentagon (Shape D)

1,224x 1-1/4" Isosceles Triangle (Shape E)

236x 2-1/4" 5-Piece Star (Shape F)

100x 2" Isosceles Triangle (Shape G)

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